posted on 26 Feb 2009 05:32 by benison

Hi everyone

How aboutyour weeken?

Are your guy have fun?

I was so bored everyweekend!!

Be home sick and cry at home,that's it. 55555+



   I got Animation club at school,but I think that club suppose to be Otaku club(=.,=),

trust me. But pretty fun, Mr. Javis was the teacher in this club,like to watch Asian movie,also he like Ong Bak movie neither.


   I was been here about one moun, I was alway got lost in school, I'm not pretend, seriously!.

I guess about 8 time, at leart I got a lot of friends 'cause this 55555+


Spring Break was coming!! , maybe this family gonna take  me go to Las Vegus .

It gonna be second time in that. I wish they go.. *Glittering*


  According to Erina's comment last entry, my English skill didn't better than before ,that I was still realize (TAT). It's make me sad neither.

Anyway I almost go home!!!!! -HAPPY-


Thank you,

for read my horrible language, and try to understand it. Take care of your guy. 

So long~~~~~~***