During Wednesday

posted on 19 Feb 2009 05:35 by benison

Hi ! your guy

I'm sorry to can't comment your blog

because I can't use computer longtime.

(i'm lazy) every people kill me 55555+


I know why I'm unhappy in here

because I can't stop thinking about Thai  and life in Thai,

and another I don't wanna be adult, that why!

I want just spend time like stupid kid!



Right now , my life in here a little bit fun

my school was so crazy

almost my period so fun eccept for Dr. Ji class was boring!

too many weird people around me

They know I can't speak English very well

but they didn't mean to me.

And my teachers so nice , some time I don't have to took some test,

that good for me . you know ,I don't understand at all.

even I live in here about 6 month.


My room mate ,who was another exchange too.

Her name is Bak Ju eun , we call her June.

she from Korea and she's really really  nice  girl.

(=.,=)<<< me , you know what I mean?

we alway taking stupid thing together.

Oh..Oh! she can speak Japanese ,so she can translate Japanese for me, sweet!

And we thinking to go Japan together!!!!!

she love morning musume so muchhhhhhhh!


And than ,

today I talk to Japanese Girl

she was so cute !!! and like another J-rock neither.

but I forgot to sak her name - -*

I think her acting as like as Ally .

( Ally, sooo much same you acting cute!!!)

*Ally free kick****

=if I spell your name wrong forgive me=


Last thing.

Miyabi, 'graduated' himself.

I know this morning, was so sad. (TAT)

anyway, he choose this by himself.

wish he got a good life.

-HUG Mibi-


PS : Every people think exchange must be nerd!

so I been here they don't trust me 555555555+

PS 2: Read another blog, They talk about Thai and J-rock

make me wanna go home.. EEEEEEE~~~~~~

-Graduated early meng ley!!!-







ขอโทดทีมาเม้นท์ช้า แหะๆ

Do your best นะจ้ะ
practice make perfect จ้ะ

ปล. ซัมเมอร์นี้เค้าก็อาจไปตปท.
เบื่อ ... อะไรนิดหน่อย 55

#6 By TANGMOMO ♥ on 2009-02-21 00:53

sorry but I have to say ..

"your English didn't improve much than B4?"

It's weird with those words and Grammar!

*However, you have little bit longer time to improve them right?*

Get your target!

#5 By ë-я-ї-и-â★ on 2009-02-19 20:28


อย่าลืมของฝาก อิอิ


#4 By HARUNAKYO. on 2009-02-19 20:06


อีกไม่กี่เดือนก็จะได้กลับบ้านแล้วนะ สู้ๆ



แล้วทำหน้าโง่ๆ ใส่ บอกว่าเราเป็นเด็กแลกเปลี่ยน ขอให้ข้อสอบง่ายลงอีกได้มั้ย อย่างนี้ -.-



มีเพื่อนดีๆก็ดีแล้วครับ อย่างน้อยรูมเมจเข้ากันได้ก้อเป็นอะไรที่สุดยอดแล้วเนอะ

กลับมาไวๆน้า แล้วเจอกันsurprised smile

มิสยูโซมัส กร๊าก

#2 By ☆★Bello Shouya★☆ on 2009-02-19 13:47

I want to see June !!

hey girl


(555 I can't typing) เขียนถูกป่าววะ

#1 By dong=ดอง,โด่ง on 2009-02-19 10:19